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Take the Guesswork Out of Losing Weight.




Stoney Eskew here. I’m a Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Nutrition and Metabolic Specialist at South Denver Internal Medicine. Everyday I get to help people get unstuck, figure out why they’re not losing weight, learn how to get off of diets and start seeing results ASAP again! I love what I do and I’m excited you’re here.

Losing weight and keeping it off can be tricky. That’s probably why you’re on this site right now.  Main stream media and most programs have taught us that all you have to do is cut calories and work out harder.  Unfortunately, this combination doesn't work for a lot of people. This approach can actually cause you to be stuck or worse, actually gain weight.  I know because this is what happened to me for years. There’s a science to losing body fat and keeping it off.

Studies show that 95% of all 'diets' fail and people gain all the weight back plus more. It’s a vicious cycle because you can lose muscle and water (which I see happen on our InBody570 Test) and when you lose muscle, you’ll slow your body and teach your body to burn sugar not fat. Diets can also wreck havoc on your metabolism, endocrine system, not to mention negatively affect your confidence. I can’t tell you how many clients I talk to that tell me they haven’t been to their goal weight for 20 years or more and this makes me so sad.  

The good news is there is a way to lose fat (not just weight) and keep it off -and it’s not that tough, you just need to know what your body specifically needs. Find out with the testing that I do.


Metabolism and VO2 Testing

With two simple breath tests you'll know exactly how many calories your body needs and what heart rate intensity to workout at to get to your goals.

You could either be eating too much or too little, you could be eating things that trigger a fat storing response versus a fat releasing response, you could be exercising too much or too hard and working against your body and not seeing results.

We’ll discuss all of this and make sure you’re on the right track.

Food Sensitivity Testing

The foods you're eating can either be improving your health and helping you reach your weight loss goal or they can be causing inflammation and keeping you stuck. I work with so many people that are doing so many things right, but this is the thing that's holding them up. Food Sensitivities can be sneaky because it may be healthy foods.

Common symptoms of food sensitivities include bloating, gassiness, distended stomach, low energy, constipation, diarrhea, brain fog, headaches, food cravings, fatigue, heart burn, joint pain, acne, rosacea and dark circles under your eyes.

It can be a guessing game of eliminating certain foods and waiting to see if you feel better OR you can find out by doing a simple finger prick blood test and within 1 week you can start seeing results.

Retreats and Programs

You’ve set your goal but knowing what to do and then actually doing it can be two completely separate things! Here’s where I help my clients even more.

I work with people all over the world with my Online Coaching Programs and do Luxury Reset Retreats as well.

With my online programs, you’ll have the support and accountability you need to really reach your goal this time. I’ll teach you what and when to eat to make losing fat effortless. I’ll teach you how to ditch diets and how to keep it the weight off for good.

Or, maybe you’ve tried the online thing and find that you just need that one on one personal support, find out when our next Luxury Reset Retreat starts.

As a serious retreat lover, there’s nothing more powerful than when you can get away from the constant temptations and habits that are keeping you stuck and do a Reset. You have the time and space to nourish yourself, focus on what you really want and can get a massive jumpstart towards your goals. You’ll walk away with your mindset refreshed, metabolism rebooted and completely energized, focused and ready to crush your goals.


Here’s to Your Results.


What others are saying…

“It has taken the guesswork out of losing weight! I have tried several diet plans, trained for and completed a triathlon with little or not weight loss. I love the accuracy of this plan. I have lost 34 lbs in 12 weeks, my cravings are under control and I don’t feel deprived. Thank you!” ~JJ, Parker, CO

“Over the past 5 years, I’ve gained almost 70 lbs. I tried multiple diet and exercise programs and none of them worked to keep the weight off. 
Within 3 months of working with Stoney, I lost 25 lbs and after adjusting a few things we learned from the metabolism testing I lost another 29 lbs - totaling 54 lbs! 
I’ve keep applying what I’ve learned and have lost a total of 71 lbs and the weight stays off. I expect to be Stoney’s lifelong client and sincerely appreciate her 100% effort with me. She has helped me become the person I’ve wanted to become for the past 5 years!” ~Nicole, Lone Tree, CO

"I’ve yo yo’d back and forth since I was a teenager and have done every program out there and this program was the easiest things I’ve ever done. I lost 7 inches and 8 lbs and for the first time in my life (53 years), I feel empowered and realize that I don’t have to rely on those other programs, pre packaged meals or points.
I seriously do not crave carbs or sugar. I don’t beat myself up mentally and the obsession with food has turned into reading recipes and preparing yummy food. I appreciate all the support Stoney has given me during this 4-week journey." ~Kristi, Denver, CO


"I lost 15 lbs and 2 pant sizes. So amazing! My thighs and stomach are the most noticeable areas I lost from. When I started this program, I was afraid that I was going to be hungry and miss out on foods that I love. But it was actually the opposite, I was never hungry and ate normal food. Stoney was amazing, always there to give you that boost whenever you need it. This program was the best one I’ve done and I plan on keeping to it!" ~Chelsy, Greeley, CO